Edgar Allan Poe: The Story Behind the Edgar Haircut

You’ve probably heard of the gothic author Edgar Allan Poe, but did you know he had a haircut named after him? That’s right – the Edgar haircut, with its parted bangs and longer sideswept hair, is inspired by Poe’s iconic style. Though he lived over a century ago, Poe’s fashion sense still resonates today. In this article, we’ll explore the origins of Poe’s signature ‘do and how it evolved into a modern hairstyle sported by emo kids and hipsters alike. We’ll learn about Poe’s grooming habits and why Edgar has stood the test of time. So read on to discover the fascinating backstory of this dark yet dapper cut.

The Myth of Poe’s Signature Hairstyle

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Despite his iconic jet-black hairstyle in portraits, there is no definitive evidence that Edgar Allan Poe actually sported the dramatic, windswept haircut that bears his name to this day.

  • Poe was notoriously broke, so it’s unlikely he had the means to maintain such an elaborate style. Most depictions show his hair parted and brushed back from his forehead.
  •  The few firsthand descriptions of Poe’s appearance fail to mention his hairstyle as particularly remarkable.
  •  The signature tousled style emerged after he died in 1849, possibly influenced by fictionalized images meant to create an air of dark romanticism and mystery befitting his macabre tales.

So, where does the distinctive Edgar haircut come from?

  • In 1909, the Poe Museum in Richmond commissioned a memorial plaque with an illustration of Poe sporting a windswept hairstyle. This may have sparked public imagination.
  • Hollywood films like The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe later popularized the rumpled hair look. Actors portraying the brooding author adopted the style.
  •  Over time, the dramatic, raven-haired image became cemented in popular culture as Poe’s signature look, even if the historical Poe did not necessarily share it.

The Edgar haircut remains a Halloween favorite for its Gothic flair. But behind the romanticized hair, Poe himself likely looked far more ordinary as he penned his extraordinary tales of mystery and imagination. Even so, the legend of his tousled locks lives on.

Myth vs Reality

What’s the real story behind the Edgar haircut worn by emo kids and Victorian goths? Let’s separate Poe’s myth from reality.

  • The famous author’s disheveled style obviously inspires the shaggy, uneven bangs hanging over one eye. But while Poe’s hair may have looked simultaneously unkempt and intense, the Edgar cut is carefully styled to achieve that just-rolled-out-of-a-coffin look. Poe’s hair was likely naturally wavy and messy rather than deliberately razored and dyed black!
  • Edgar evokes mystery and gloom, matching people’s image of Poe as a tortured artist and master of the macabre. But despite his dark writings, Poe was not always a brooding loner. He had many literary friends and was known to be charming and witty in social settings. His haircut reflected his financial circumstances more than his mindset.
  • While Edgar projects a vampire vibe, Poe was never accused of being one! But he did epitomize the Gothic ideal with his unusual style of dress and penchant for the strange. The Edgar style may be associated with the supernatural. Still, it’s rooted in Poe’s real-life rebel aesthetic more than his horror stories.

So, while Edgar’s haircut plays up and exaggerates Poe’s shadowy legend, it’s not complete fiction. The shaggy, uneven bangs are clearly modeled after Poe’s disheveled locks and project the dark moodiness he brought to his writings. Just don’t expect to spot Poe himself wandering the streets with a perfect Edgar cut and razored fringe! The real Poe likely had unruly hair that was more naturally windswept than deliberately styled.

Men’s Hairstyles in Early 20th Century America

Back in the early 1900s, men’s hairstyles were still fairly conservative and formal. The clean-cut look was in. That all started to change when a guy named Edgar Allan Poe came along.

  • The original “Edgar haircut” was Poe’s signature style. He wore his dark hair swept across his forehead in short bangs. The sides and back were kept short as well.
  •  This messy, windswept look was considered unusual and a bit undignified at the time. Most men still favored neatly groomed short hairstyles parted and slicked to the side.
  •  But Poe was a rebel and an artistic type. He didn’t care much for society’s stuffy conventions regarding men’s appearance.
  •  His unusual hairstyle came to be associated with his brooding personality and mysterious literary works like “The Raven” and “The Tell-Tale Heart.”
  •  As Poe’s fame as a Gothic writer grew, so did the popularity of his iconic tousled hairstyle. Young men aiming for a more casual, carefree look started asking hairdressers for “the Edgar.”
  •  By the 1920s, hairstyles for men were drastically changing. Short cropped cuts gave way to longer, less structured looks with more volume and flow.

So while he never could have imagined it, Edgar Allan Poe’s indifference to neatness and defiance of tradition may have paved the way for new men’s hairstyle trends in 20th century America. The “Edgar cut” turned out to be the perfect ‘do for looking artistically disheveled.

How the Edgar Haircut Became a Viral Meme

How the Edgar Haircut Became a Viral Meme-edgarcutguide.com

The Edgar haircut went viral as an internet meme, but where did it come from? Edgar Allan Poe inspired the distinctive shaggy, uneven hairstyle.

In 2009, a famous hairstylist gave a modern twist to Poe’s unkempt 19th-century ‘do. The uneven, choppy layers and shaggy bangs were meant to evoke Poe’s brooding poetic sensibility. The look instantly took off and became a huge trend, gaining massive popularity on social media.

The Power of Memes

The Power of Memes-edgarcutguide.com

Memes spread like wildfire on the internet, and Edgar’s haircut was no exception. Photos of the dramatic, gothic hairstyle were shared all over Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, with people dubbing it the “Edgar Allan Poe haircut” or just “The Edgar” for short. The meme status cemented its fame.

Suddenly, people all over were asking their barbers and hairstylists for “The Edgar.” The deliberately messy, uneven style with choppy ends and long bangs swept dramatically to one side became the hottest new look. Celebrities and models began sporting the ‘do, which only fueled its popularity as a viral internet trend.

While the Edgar hairstyle started as an homage to Poe, it took on a life of its own as a meme and pop culture phenomenon. Though the frenzy has faded, the Edgar haircut remains an iconic – if wacky – bit of fashion history born of the internet age and a testament to the power of memes. Poe probably would have appreciated the macabre tribute, even if the shaggy hipster’s do was far from his own era’s grooming standards!

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Achieving the Fluffy Curly Edgar Style

You’ll need to follow a few key steps to achieve Edgar Allan Poe’s signature hairstyle, the wild and unruly bedhead look.

Grow out your hair.

The Edgar requires longer hair on top, at least 3 to 5 inches. The sides and back should be tapered shorter, around 1 to 2 inches. This creates height and volume, giving the style its distinctive messy puff. If your hair is more straightforward, you must be patient while it grows out. In the meantime, ask your barber to cut the sides and back shorter so the top can catch up, making the result dramatic.

Use the right products.

Products are vital for maximizing volume and hold. Commence with a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to enhance fullness. Then, apply a mousse, gel, or hairspray while damp to give it some grip and lift at the roots. Finish with a dry texture spray to create that messy, rumpled effect. The more product you use, the more exaggerated the style will be. You can also tease and backcomb sections for added height.

Blow dry while scrunching.

Blow drying is essential for sculpting the Edgar. While your hair is damp, bend forward and blow dry while scrunching sections of your hair up and on using your hands. Move around your head, lifting hair and twisting to create random waves and curls. Blast sections with the dryer on high heat to lock in shape. Avoid brushing, which will make hair lie flat. Scrunching and messing up your hair with your hands is vital.

Fine-tune and finish

Use your fingers to gently arrange sections, twisting and pushing some forwards and others backward to get the right amount of unstructured disorder. You want it to look almost windblown. Finish with another spritz of texture product for flyaways and any areas that need more height or hold. With some practice, you’ll channel Poe’s signature style quickly. The result should be a puffed, tousled, carefree do that looks stylishly unstyled.

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Famous Examples of the Edgar Haircut in Pop Culture

The Edgar haircut has been popularized in pop culture through various movies, TV shows, books, and real-life examples. Here are a few of the most well-known cases:

the Edgar Haircut in Pop Culture-edgarcutguide.com

Johnny Depp as Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow (1999)

In Tim Burton’s gothic retelling of the Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Johnny Depp donned an Edgar-inspired hairdo as the eccentric police constable Ichabod Crane. With his dark, unkempt locks and pale complexion, Depp’s appearance ideally homed to Poe’s signature style.

The Addams Family (1964-66 TV series)

The patriarch Gomez Addams, played by John Astin, rocked a quintessential Edgar ‘do with his slick black hair and visible widow’s peak. Gomez helped bring Edgar’s spooky, eccentric style to mainstream audiences and the rest of his creepy, kooky family.

American Horror Story (2011 TV series)

The anthology series American Horror Story, known for its unsettling storylines and creepy visuals, frequently pays homage to Gothic horror styles. Several male characters throughout the series sport Edgar-inspired cuts, including Tate Langdon (Evan Peters) in Season 1 and James March (Evan Peters again) in Season 5. These characters’ dark, unruly hair and pale complexions are a fitting tribute to Poe’s signature Gothic style.

Real-Life Examples: Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, and More

Several real-life celebrities have also rocked Edgar-inspired hairstyles, including director Tim Burton, author Neil Gaiman, and actors Adrien Brody, Crispin Glover, and Jack White. With their fondness for the Gothic and macabre, these artists help bring Edgar into mainstream culture and inspire fans to emulate the iconic style.

The Edgar haircut continues to capture public imagination through its embodiment of the Gothic sensibility. With its spooky, unkempt style, the Edgar ‘do is a fitting homage to the master of Gothic fiction, Edgar Allan Poe.

Edgar Allan Poe’s Literary Legacy and Influence on Fashion

Edgar Allan Poe's Literary Legacy-edgarcutguide.com

Edgar Allan Poe pioneered Gothic fiction and helped popularize the detective fiction genre. His dark, romantic style and death themes Have substantially impacted literature in the Western world. Poe’s legacy is also in an unlikely place—men’s hairstyles.

The “Edgar haircut” has become popular in recent years. This style emulates Poe’s hairstyle with a messy look and shaggy, uneven locks that are longer on top and side-swept at the front. The rough, unkempt nature aims to capture Poe’s brooding persona.

Poe’s Gothic themes emphasizing darkness, death, and the macabre have resonated with many. His works explored the psychological depths of the human mind and pushed the boundaries of death in fiction. Stories like “The Tell-Tale Heart,” “The Raven,” and “The Fall of the House of Usher” shaped the genre and popularized themes that are still common in Gothic and horror today.

Poe is an icon of the Romantic era’s celebration of emotion, imagination, and non-conformity. His rebellious spirit and willingness to explore the dark side of human nature have enduring appeal, especially for youth counterculture movements. Poe’s defiant individualism and nonconformist attitude likely also contribute to the popularity of the “Edgar” hairstyle among some young men seeking to embody those same qualities.

Poe’s literary legacy lives on in his prolific work and the fashion and styles inspired by his life. The “Edgar haircut” is a testament to Poe’s enduring influence and status as a cultural icon representing mystery, darkness, and non-conformity. Through his works and personal style, Poe shaped Gothic fiction and, in turn, Western pop culture. His mark on literature and beyond will no doubt endure for generations to come.


So there you have it, the story behind the iconic Edgar haircut made famous by the master of macabre, Edgar Allan Poe. While Poe’s tragic life was cut short at just 40 years old, his unique style and Gothic tales of mystery and suspense have endured for centuries. Though the Edgar cut is not for everyone, for those daring enough to don the raven locks, it is a bold statement and tribute to one of the most influential authors in American literature. The next time you see someone sporting that signature style, you’ll know there’s a good chance they have a penchant for the poetic and peculiar. Whether or not you choose to get snipped into an Edgar yourself, at the very least, you can appreciate how one man’s inimitable fashion sense and fiction have left an indelible mark on both culture and coiffure.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) – Edgar Allan Poe: The Story Behind the Edgar Haircut

What is the Edgar Haircut?

The Edgar Haircut is a classic men’s hairstyle named after the renowned American writer Edgar Allan Poe. It features longer hair on top, swept to the side, and shorter sides and back, creating a stylishly disheveled look.

How did Edgar Allan Poe influence this haircut?

Poe popularized a signature hairstyle characterized by short, tousled sides and longer, swept-back hair on top, creating a windswept, Gothic appearance that matched his brooding persona.

When did the Edgar Haircut become popular?

The Edgar Haircut gained popularity in the early 1900s and has endured for over a century. It remains stylish today, a testament to Edgar Allan Poe’s lasting impact on culture and fashion.

How can I get the Edgar Haircut?

To achieve the Edgar Haircut, ask your barber for a tapered cut with shorter sides and back, longer on top. Use a razor for the sides and back, blending it into the longer hair on top, and sweep the more extended section back and slightly to the side for that iconic look.

How did the Edgar Haircut become a viral meme?

In 2009, a hairstylist gave a modern twist to Poe’s unkempt 19th-century hairstyle, creating a shaggy, uneven look. This style gained popularity on social media platforms like Tumblr, Pinterest, and Instagram, turning it into a viral internet trend.

What products are recommended for styling the Edgar Haircut?

For the Edgar Haircut, use volumizing shampoo and conditioner to boost fullness. Apply mousse, gel, or hairspray while damp for grip and lift. Conclude by applying a dry texture spray to achieve a tousled, messy look. Blow dry while scrunching for the final touch.

Are there famous examples of the Edgar Haircut in pop culture?

Yes, Johnny Depp’s portrayal of Ichabod Crane in Sleepy Hollow (1999), the Addams Family TV series (1964–66), and American Horror Story characters have showcased the Edgar Haircut. Celebrities like Tim Burton, Neil Gaiman, Adrien Brody, Crispin Glover, and Jack White have also embraced this iconic style.

How did Edgar Allan Poe’s literary legacy influence the popularity of Edgar Haircut?

Poe’s gothic themes and rebellious spirit, evident in his literary works, have resonated with counterculture movements. The Edgar Haircut embodies the mysterious and nonconformist qualities associated with Poe, contributing to its enduring popularity.

Can anyone pull off the Edgar Haircut?

While the Edgar Haircut may not be for everyone, individuals with a penchant for the poetic, peculiar, and gothic can confidently embrace this bold hairstyle as a tribute to Edgar Allan Poe.

How has Poe’s impact transcended literature into fashion?

Poe’s legacy extends beyond literature, influencing fashion and style through the Edgar Haircut. This hairstyle is a testament to Poe’s enduring cultural influence, embodying mystery, darkness, and non-conformity in literature and fashion.

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