Taper Fade Curly Hair: Mastering the Art of Effortless Style (2024)

Ever notice how some guys seem to roll out of bed with perfectly styled hair? For the curly-haired among us, that level of effortless coolness can feel out of reach. The truth is, with the proper cut and a little know-how, you, too, can master the art of stylish nonchalance. The taper fade curly haircut is the secret weapon to upgrade your style game and simplify your routine. By gradually fading your hair down the sides and back while leaving more length on top, this cut shapes your curls and provides a tailored finish without the hassle. Read on to learn how a taper can enhance your natural texture, the critical steps to styling it, and how to communicate precisely what you want to your barber to get the look that perfectly suits you. With the proper taper fade and a few pro tips, you’ll channel that casual confidence in no time. Effortless style, unlocked.

What Is a Taper Fade Haircut?

A taper fade haircut is a stylish cut gradually tapered on the sides and back, blending in with longer hair on top. The key starts with longer hair on top of the head and tapering it down progressively shorter near the neckline and above the ears.

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  1. For the taper fade, your barber will trim the hair on the back and side; you should use clippers. Of your head, cutting it progressively shorter as it moves down from the top. This creates a gradual tapered effect.
  2.  The longer hair on top provides contrast and a stylish finish. You can style the longer top hair swept up and back, parted to the side, or spiked up with a bit of product like pomade or wax.
  3.  Taper fades work well for curly hairstyles because they reduce bulk on the sides and back while highlighting your curls on top. A high taper fade will cut the sides and back very short, while a low taper fade blends the sides and back closer to the ears. Ask your barber for a taper fade that complements your curl type and personal style.

With some TLC for your curls and the proper taper fade, you’ll be sporting a stylish curly ‘do that looks sharp and polished. Effortless style, achieved. Now, that’s what we call a good hair day!

Understanding Taper Fade

You need to understand how this cut works to get a taper fade that complements your curls.

A taper fade gradually blends your hair on the sides and back, starting from your natural hair length at the top of your head and tapering shorter as it moves down. The key is keeping enough distance on top so your curls have room to coil while tapering the sides and back super fast.

Finding the right taper

Choose how dramatic you want the fade to be. A high taper starts fading higher up on the sides and back, while a low taper keeps more length overall for a more subtle look. For curly hair, a mid to high taper usually works well. The shorter sides and back prevent the dreaded “pyramid head” effect.

Working with your barber

Discuss how you want the top of your head to be shaped to flatter your curls. Do you like it rounded, squared-off, or pointed? Also, ask your barber to use clipper guards as they fade down to prevent going too short and fast. They should be cut in layers, and the fade should be blended with your natural hair growth pattern. Trim as needed, but avoid cutting the top too short.

You’ll be rocking a stylish yet low-maintenance look with the correct taper and some TLC for your curls. Keeping the sides and back short prevents wildness while leaving the top longer gives your coils room to do their thing. Mastering the art of the taper fade for curly hair may take a few tries, but when you find your perfect blend of fade and flow, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner!

Different Types of Taper Fades for Curly Hair

The taper fade works with all curl types, from loose waves to tight coils. Finding the proper fade for your unique curl pattern and personal style is critical.

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Low Taper Fade

For looser curls, a low taper fade is a great option. It gradually fades from longer hair on top down to skin about an inch above the ear. This creates a subtle contrast while allowing your curls to shine on top. It’s a stylish yet understated look perfect for curly men who prefer a natural, laid-back style.

Mid Taper Fade

A mid taper fade is ideal if you have average curls and want a fade with more contrast. It starts fading around eye level and blends to the skin near the temple and sideburn area. This draws attention to your curls on top while keeping the sides and back neat. It’s an all-around solid, versatile fade that complements most face shapes.

High Taper Fade

Tight curls can handle an even more dramatic fade. The high taper fade leaves hair to the skin just above the temple, creating a strong contrast. It gives tight curls on top a chance to spring up and do their thing while keeping the back and sides very short. This eye-catching fade is perfect for curly guys looking to make a stylish statement.

The taper fade you choose depends on your curl type, style preferences, and how much contrast you want. But with some trial and error, you’ll find the sweet spot and be rocking a fade that complements your curls in no time.

How to Get a Low Taper Fade With Curly Hair

You’ll want to start with clean, detangled curls to get a low taper fade with curly hair. Wash and condition your hair the day before your cut to give your natural texture time to settle in.

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Find a barber experienced with curly cuts.

Look for a barber, especially one specializing in curly hair, who understands how to cut curly hair. They’ll know techniques like point cutting, layering, and texturizing to enhance your curls. Ask to see photos of their curly hair work. A skilled barber can give you a stylish taper fade while preserving most of the length on top.

Get the right tools.

Quality clippers, shears, and a skilled hand are must-haves. Clippers with multiple guard sizes, significantly smaller sizes like 0.5 to 2, will help achieve a tight fade. Shears, razors, and clippers all play a role.

Start with a longer top length.

Keep the top layer of curls longer, around 3 to 5 inches, then ask your barber to taper down the sides and back in increments. Shortening the top too much can lose the illusion of height and fullness. Have your barber point cut into the ends to encourage curl formation.

Taper down in stages.

Have your barber taper down the sides and back in small increments, starting longer and going shorter. A low taper typically fades out around the temples and ears. Taking photos from multiple angles to capture different perspectives is a good idea. Check their work. Touch ups should be included in the service.

Guys with curly hair can achieve a stylish low fade that celebrates their natural texture with the right barber and close attention to the tapering technique. The key is starting longer on top and tapering down slowly while using cutting techniques suited for curly hair types. Your curly taper fade will have you walking out of the barbershop with confidence and style.

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Specialized Taper Fades:

Specialized taper fades allow you to customize your cut and show off your style. The options are endless, but here are a few of the most popular choices for curly hair.

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Drop Fade

A drop fade tapers the hair on the back and sides of your head, gradually dropping down to the skin near the edge of your hairline. This fading effect creates an arc shape around the sides and back that accentuates your curls on top. The drop fade works well for medium to tight curly hair you want to show off.

Shadow Fade

For a subtle fade that still shapes your style, go for a shadow fade. “Your barber will create a gradual decrease in length towards the bottom of the sides and back of your hair.” of your hair to blend it with your skin using clippers and a comb but stop before going too short. The result is a “shadow” of stubble that fades into your curly length on top. A shadow fade has a more natural, understated look that complements looser curls and waves.

Burst Fade

Make a stylish statement with a burst fade. Your barber will taper the back and sides in a semi-circular shape that “bursts” out from your natural hairline behind the ears. The longer curly hair on your head will stand out, framed by the faded area below. A burst fade works with any curly hair type and creates an eye-catching style. Get a double burst fade with two semi-circular tapered regions on each side of your head for extra flair.

A taper fade cut offers endless variations for curly hair. Talk to your barber about options to customize your signature fade. You’ll achieve an effortless yet stylish look with the proper fade and care for your curls.

Styling Tips and Tricks:

Once you have the perfect taper fade cut, styling your curly hair is critical to achieving an effortless, stylish look. Here are some tips to help you master styling your new cut:

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Apply product when hair is damp.

The most optimal time to apply the product on curly hair is when it is damp after showering. Currently, curls are most receptive to products; distributing them evenly is easier. Apply a leave-in conditioner, curl cream, or gel, and rake through with your fingers to coat each curl.

Diffuse or air-dry

To maintain definition and avoid frizz, avoid rubbing hair with a towel. Instead, gently scrunch out excess water with a towel or t-shirt. Then, you can diffuse hair on a low heat setting while scrunching or air drying completely. Air drying will provide the most natural result, but diffusing will speed up the process. Either way, avoid touching curls as they dry.

Refresh curls as needed.

On non-wash days, you may need to refresh your curls significantly if they loosen or frizz. Spray hair with a water bottle to re-dampen and reapply a small amount of the product you used on wash day. Scrunch with hands to redefine curls. You can flip your head upside down and spray roots at the scalp to reactivate curls.

Avoid heat styling when possible.

Too much heat can cause damage to curly hair. Limit hot tools like blow dryers and flat irons, which can weaken curls and cause frizz. Embrace your curls and let them air dry or diffuse in a relaxed setting. Only use hot tools occasionally; always use a heat protectant product first.

You’ll be rocking a stylish taper fade with the proper techniques and products and embracing your natural curls quickly. Let your excellent curls work, and keep styling simple for a fuss-free, effortless look.

Mid Taper Fade Styles for Curly Hair

A mid taper fade can be a stylish choice for curly hair. With curly hair, a mid taper fade helps contour your curls’ natural shape and volume, creating an effortless style that looks casually styled.

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Mid Fade with Curly Top

For this style, ask your barber for a mid taper fade, fading out in the middle of the sides and back. On top, leave your curls longer, around 3 to 5 inches. Get light layering to add some shape without losing too much length. This helps your circles maintain their natural volume and spring. With the longer curly top and mid fade, you have a stylish hairstyle that looks casually styled and low-maintenance.

Mid Fade with Side Part

Another option is a mid taper fade with a side part. Again, ask for a mid fade, but get a hard side part shaved into one side this time. Comb the longer curly top to the side and get some layering around the region to make it look more natural. The mid fade accentuates the part and gives this style a retro-inspired, hipster vibe. For extra style, you can tease and tousle the longer curly top.

Mid Fade with Curly Fringe

Lastly, a mid taper fade pairs well with a curly fringe. Get a mid fade on the sides and back, but leave longer curly bangs in the front that fall onto your forehead. Have your barber lightly layer and texturize the curly fringe and longer top. This helps reduce bulk, enhances your curls, and creates a stylish curly edge. With the mid fade, this hairstyle has many contemporary styles and flair.

The key to these mid taper fade styles is keeping the curly top longer, around 3 to 5 inches, to maintain volume and natural curl. Light layering and thinning help enhance curls without losing too much length. Paired with a mid fade, these curly hairstyles have a stylish shape that looks casually messy and effortless.

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Blowout Taper Fade: Achieving Maximum Volume for Curly Hair

You’ll need to put in some effort with the proper techniques and products to get maximum volume and height for curly hair with a taper fade. A blowout taper fade requires the following steps:

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Blow Drying

After washing and conditioning your hair:

  1. Blot out excess moisture with a towel.
  2. To prevent heat damage on your hair, apply a leave-in conditioner and heat protectant when your hair is damp.
  3. If you want to use a hair dryer to dry your hair, it’s recommended to use a diffuser attachment. Lifting hair at the roots and drying it downwards.

Diffuse hair on the sides and back using medium heat until mostly dry.


Once hair is damp, not sopping wet, section hair into smaller chunks using clips. Start blow drying one section at a time, using a round brush to lift hair at the roots while blow drying. Roll the meeting under at the ends to create loose curls. Move onto the next section and repeat until all areas are dried.

Styling Product

Apply a curl-enhancing product, like a mousse, cream, or gel, to help define curls and reduce frizz. Run product through hair with your fingers, scrunching hair gently to encourage curl formation. Let hair air dry completely or diffuse on low heat.

Finishing Touches

Using a pick or wide tooth comb, gently lift hair at the roots to increase volume and height. Touch up any unruly sections with a curling iron or wand. Mist hair with a flexible hold hairspray to set the style in place. Your voluminous, curly taper fade is complete and ready to impress! With the proper technique and products, you’ll achieve height and volume for days with a stylish, flawless taper fade.


So there you have it, curly men—with the right tools and techniques, you can achieve a stylish, low-maintenance taper fade cut. Find a skilled barber experienced with curly hair who can shape your fade to complement your natural hair texture and face shape. Invest in high-quality hair products formulated specifically for curls to enhance your new cut. And finally, be patient through the growing out process—it will be worth it when your taper fades and grows in, and you’re left with a cut that’s stylish yet effortless to style each day. Your curly locks will thank you, and so will your busy schedule. Master the art of the taper fade, and you’ll gain a cut for life.

FAQs About Taper Fade Curly Haircut

What makes a Taper Fade Curly Haircut unique?

A taper fade for curly hair is distinctive for its gradual transition from longer hair on top to shorter sides and back. This technique shapes curls and provides a polished and effortlessly stylish finish.

How does a Taper Fade enhance natural curls?

Taper fades work by reducing bulk on the sides and back while emphasizing the natural texture and volume of curls on top. The contrast created by the fade allows rings to stand out, providing a tailored look without sacrificing the beauty of curly hair.

What’s the key to understanding Taper Fade for Curly Hair?

 Understanding how a taper fade works is crucial. It involves gradually blending the length on the sides and back, starting from the top. This technique allows curls to maintain their shape while achieving a well-groomed appearance.

What types of Taper Fades are suitable for different curl patterns?

Low Taper fades work well for looser curls, mid Taper fades offer contrast for average curls, and high Taper fades provide a dramatic effect for tight curls. The choice depends on your curl type and personal style preferences.

 How can one communicate effectively with a barber for the perfect Taper Fade?

 Communication is key. Discuss your desired top shape, whether rounded, squared-off or pointed. Specify the fade level you prefer (high, mid, or low) and ask the barber to use clipper guards to blend the fade with your natural hair growth pattern.

 Can Taper Fades be customized for specific curl types?

Absolutely! Taper fades can be customized for various curl types, from loose waves to tight coils. Choosing a fade that complements your unique curl pattern is essential, ensuring a harmonious and stylish result.

 Is the Taper Fade for Curly Hair a low-maintenance style?

 Yes, a properly executed taper fade for curly hair can be low-maintenance. Keeping the sides and back short prevents excessive wildness, while the longer top allows your curls to shine with minimal effort.

What are some popular specialized Taper Fades for Curly Hair?

Specialized options include the Drop Fade, Shadow Fade, and Burst Fade. Each offers a unique style, allowing individuals to customize their cut and showcase their personality.

 How can one achieve a stylish Low Taper Fade with Curly Hair?

 To achieve a stylish low taper fade, start with clean, detangled curls, find a barber experienced with curly cuts, use quality tools like clippers, and maintain a longer top length (3 to 5 inches). The key is gradual tapering to preserve the illusion of height and fullness.

What styling tips are recommended for maintaining a Taper Fade with Curly Hair?

Apply products when hair is damp, diffuse, or air-dry to avoid frizz and refresh curls as needed; instead of overheating your hair, try to embrace the natural curls on your hair. With proper care and styling, your Taper fade with curly hair will exude an effortlessly chic look.

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