Burst Fade Edgar Cut: The Forgotten Hair Trend

You probably don’t remember the burst fade Edgar cut, but for a hot second in the 90s, it was the hairstyle all the cool kids were rocking. This short haircut with its trademark super short bangs made barbershop cash registers ring across middle schools everywhere. So why did this iconic ‘do disappear as quickly as a fart in the wind? Grab a comb and walk down memory lane to revisit the burst fade Edgar cut, the legendary lid that makes former awkward teens weep with nostalgia. This is one hair trend that deserves a comeback tour.

Understanding the Burst Fade Haircut

The burst fade haircut is a short yet eye-catching style. Here’s what you need to know about this forgotten trend:

Understanding the Burst Fade Haircut

The Style

  • The burst fade features very short hair on the sides and back that quickly fades up to longer hair on top.
  • This dramatic fade creates a “burst” effect, with the longer hair on top contrasting sharply with the closely trimmed sides.
  • The hair on top can be styled differently – spiky, curly, or swept to one side. This allows for customization while keeping the signature burst fade shape.

The Technique

Getting this cut right requires skill with clippers to execute that quick, clean fade:

  • It starts with an extremely close trim at the neckline and above the ears.
  • The clipper guard is then progressively increased up the head’s sides and back to create that abrupt transition.
  • The top is cut longer, often with scissors, and styled with products like wax or gel.

The Comeback

The burst fade was hugely popular in the 90s and 2000s. As retro cuts make a comeback, it’s poised for a return:

  • Its high-contrast shape offers an artistic yet masculine style.
  • When cut properly, it’s versatile enough to suit various face shapes and hair types.
  • Variations like asymmetry or a hard part can make it feel fresh and modern.

Talk to your barber about reviving this forgotten fade. With the right execution, the burst can feel nostalgic yet surprisingly current.

How the Burst Fade Differs From Other Fades

The burst fade is a fun, eye-catching take on the classic fade haircut. What sets it apart is the “burst” design shaved along the sides and back.

How the Burst Fade Differs From Other Fades
  • The burst is created by shaving curved wedge shapes into the faded sides and back to form a starburst pattern as the hair radiates from the crown.
  • Traditional fades taper the hair smoothly from longer on top to shorter on the bottom. The burst fade incorporates shaved grooves, angles, and points for dramatic contrast.
  • Designs can include circular shapes, lightning bolts, starbursts, stripes, or other intricate patterns. Let your imagination run wild!
  • To get this cut, show your barber inspiration photos. The length on top and complexities of the burst design can be customized.
  • Upkeep for a burst fade requires frequent touch-up visits every 2-4 weeks to keep the burst pattern crisp as the hair grows out. Schedule appointments with your barber accordingly.
  • You can pair a burst fade with short, medium, or long hair lengths on top. It works well with curly hair or styled looks using pomade or wax to create height and texture.
  • The burst fade makes a statement and shows off your style. It originated in the 1990s and had a comeback around 2010–2015.

The burst fade puts a modern twist on the classic tapered fade that has paved the way for new takes on this staple cut. Embrace your inner artist and have fun designing your fresh fade.

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Executing the Perfect Edgar Haircut

The burst fade Edgar cut is a retro men’s hairstyle making a comeback. To get this throwback ’90s look, you’ll need to master a few key techniques.

Executing the Perfect Edgar Haircut

First, ensure you have the right tools – clippers with multiple guards, thinning shears, a comb, styling products, and a steady hand. Go to a seasoned barber if you’re not confident handling the clippers yourself.

Start with slightly longer hair on top, around 2 to 3 inches. Taper and gradually fade the back and sides to create the “burst” effect rather than having a defined disconnect between long and short. Use clipper guards to blend the fade smoothly.

  • Start with a #4 guard near the part line, agreeing down to
  •   a #2 guard in the middle
  • and no guard at the bottom exposing the skin.

Keep the nape clean and tapered. Square off the sideburns and neckline to accentuate the fade.

For the bangs, cut them straight across right above the eyebrows, thick and heavy with textured layers. Thin out the bulk lightly with shears. Style the top forward into a curved fringe.

Finish with a matte styling balm or clay, rubbing it between your palms and raking through the tousled top with your fingers. Let those textured bangs fall naturally for the iconic Edgar look.

Be prepared for the upkeep – you’ll likely need a touch-up every two weeks as the fade grows out. Use a trimmer in between cuts to crisp the edge of your taper. Pomade will help slick down the regrowth.

It may take some practice to achieve the perfect burst Edgar cut. But once you master the technique, you’ll be rocking this hot blast from the past!

Tips for Styling Your Burst Fade Edgar Cut

The burst fade Edgar cut is a high-maintenance style. To rock this throwback ’90s hairdo:

Tips for Styling Your Burst Fade Edgar Cut

Use the Right Products

  • Invest in quality hair styling products like sea salt spray, pomade, and hair wax. Using the right products will help define your cut and get that perfectly undone look.
  • Apply products to towel-dried hair and style as desired. For added texture, scrunch some sea salt spray into the ends of your hair.

Know Your Maintenance Schedule

  • Get a trim every 4-6 weeks to keep your burst fade looking sharp. The shorter layers around your crown will grow out quickly.
  • See your barber monthly to maintain your fade. Letting it grow too long loses the effect.
  • Use a clarifying shampoo once a week. Pomades and products will build up, so regular cleansing is a must.

Style It Right

  • Use your fingers or a wide-tooth comb to style. Brushing can make hair too smooth.
  • For volume, flip your head upside down while blow drying. Lift hair up and away from your scalp.
  • If your locks lack body, lightly backcomb the top layers. Mist with hairspray for extra hold.

The burst fade Edgar cut takes effort but gives major ’90s heartthrob vibes. Follow these tips, and people will ask, “Can I get your barber’s number?”


So there you have it, folks. The burst fades Edgar cut. A funky ’90s hairdo that had its quick moment in the spotlight before vanishing as fast as it arrived. It may be too out there for most people. Or it got crowded out by all those other wacky cuts competing for attention back then. In any case, it’s become a largely forgotten trend from a not-so-forgotten era. But the burst fades, and Edgar could make a fun retro statement for those daring enough to try it. Suppose you’re adventurous and want to walk on the wild side hair-was. In that case, a cut makes a statement even decades later. So consider giving this funky ’90s ‘do a modern spin if you want to turn heads!

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FAQs About the Burst Fade Edgar Cut Hairstyle

The burst fade Edgar cut is a versatile short hairstyle popular in the 1990s but faded into obscurity. Here are some common questions about this eye-catching ‘do.

What is the burst fade Edgar cut?

  • The burst fade Edgar is a high fade haircut with a short burst design shaved along the lower edge of the fade.
  •  Hair on top is left longer at 2-3 inches and styled messy or spiky with gel or wax.
  •  The result is an edgy fade haircut with a unique burst design for extra flair.

How do you describe the burst design?

  • The burst design involves shaving short lines or spikes in a sunburst pattern radiating outward along the lower part of the fade.
  •  It creates a “bursting” look along the lower fade line, hence the name.
  •  Designs can vary in shape and detail level based on preference.

What makes this cut stand out?

  • The burst fade Edgar became trendy in the 90s for its rebellious vibe and ability to make a statement.
  •  The defined fade provides contrast to the longer hair on top.
  •  The cut works well with straight and curly hair textures when styled properly.
  • It brings attention with its eye-catching sunburst pattern.

How high-maintenance is this style?

  • As a short fade haircut, the burst Edgar requires trims every 2-4 weeks to maintain its shape.
  •  Daily gel or wax is needed to style hair upward and achieve height.
  •  The burst design portion along the nape will need re-shaving routinely to keep lines crisp.
  •  It’s a high-maintenance cut but worth it for fans of short, edgy hairstyles.

Is the burst fade Edgar cut still relevant today?

  • While not as common, the burst fade Edgar cut can make a fun and retro statement for those daring enough to try it.
  •  It offers a unique and edgy look, especially with modern styling techniques.
  •  Consider giving this funky ’90s ‘do a contemporary spin to turn heads and showcase your style.

Can the burst fade Edgar cut work for different hair types?

  • Yes, the burst fade is versatile and can work well with various hair types, including straight and curly.
  • Styling products like gel or wax can tailor the look to different preferences.
  • Consult with your barber to customize the cut based on your hair type and style.

How can I maintain the burst fade Edgar cut at home?

  • Regular trims every 2-4 weeks are essential to maintain the shape of the burst fade.
  • Use a trimmer to crisp the edge of your taper between barber visits.
  • Quality hair styling products like sea salt spray, pomade, and hair wax can help define the cut and achieve the desired look.

Can I customize the burst fade design?

  • Absolutely! The burst design is customizable, and you can work with your barber to create a pattern that suits your style.
  • Bring inspirational photos to your barber to convey the level of detail and shape you desire.
  • Experiment with different burst patterns, from subtle to bold, to add a personal touch to your hairstyle.

The burst fades Edgar may not be common nowadays. However, it still delivers a major attitude and edge when done properly!

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