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27 Stylish Ideas for a Trendy Fluffy Edgar Cut

Look, you’ve been rocking the same old hairstyle for years, and as much as you love the comfort of the familiar, it’s time for a change. If you want to freshen up your look with one of the hottest trends, a fluffy Edgar cut is for you. The Edgar cut is casual yet stylish, an artfully tousled and textured style with choppy layers and a messy finish. The perfect Edgar cut works for any face shape or hair type. Want to join the ranks of modern men with thick hair like Timothée Chalamet or Zendaya? A fluffy Edgar cut is your express ticket to instant style cred. In this article, you’ll find 27 pictures to inspire your new dreamy do with a wavy Edgar. Prepare to take your hair from drab to fab with a fluffy Edgar cut. The new year demands a new you, so keep scrolling to find your perfect, messy masterpiece.

What Is the Fluffy Edgar Cut?

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The fluffy Edgar cut, perfect for men with thick hair, is a stylish men’s hairstyle trending now. The classic Edgar cut features longer, layered hair on top that provides height and volume, blended into closely tapered sides and back for a taper edgar look.

To get this bold yet low-maintenance cut:

  1. Ask your barber for about 3 to 5 inches of length on top for a more extended hair look, tapering down to 1/2 inch at the sides and back. The longer top for a messy Edgar cut allows for lift and flow, while the tapered sides keep it a clean cut.
  2.   Style the top with a volumizing product, lifting sections up and away from your head. Run your fingers through to loosen strands and create a slightly messy texture. This adds to the casual, tousled vibe of the cut.
  3.   Taper and fade the sides and back for a sharp, taper-fade, tailored finish. A mid or high fade works well for this style. Your barber can taper and blend the more extended top section with the sides and back to create a wavy Edgar.
  4.   Get regular trims about every 4 to 6 weeks. This maintains the shape and prevents the sides from becoming shaggy. Bangs can also be trimmed to your desired length.
  5.   Shampoo 2-3 times a week to keep the style fresh. A dry shampoo or texturizing spray can revive the look on non-wash days.

The fluffy Edgar cut is a stylish yet low-key look that complements most face shapes and personal styles. With the proper amount and products, you’ll be rocking a trendy hairstyle that makes a statement but is still easy to style for any occasion. Time to visit your barber!

The History of the Iconic Fluffy Edgar Hairstyle

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The iconic Edgar hairstyle has been around since the early 1900s. Originally called the “undercut,” barbers started noticing customers asking for a more extended, fluffier version of this style where the sides and back were shaved short, but the top was left longer.

By the 1950s, this “fluffy undercut” became popular among rebellious young men looking to break from societal norms. Celebrities like James Dean helped propel the style into stardom and cement its place in history.

Edgar went through ups and downs in popularity in the following decades but always remained a stylish, recognizable cut. Modern iterations have evolved to include faded sides, textured tops, and unique styling products to achieve maximum height and volume.

Today, the Edgar cut is favored by fashionable, forward-thinking gents of all ages looking for a stylish yet low-maintenance hairstyle.

The Edgar cut is a timeless, rebellious style that inspires generation after generation. By understanding its history and rocking this iconic ‘do with confidence, you’ll always be at the forefront of men’s fashion.

The Evolution of Men’s Grooming: Embracing the Fluffy Edgar Cut

Social media and influencer culture have brought men’s grooming and self-care to the forefront. An era once dominated by minimal effort and low-maintenance hairstyles gives way to stylish coifs that make a statement. The Fluffy Edgar cut embraces this shift, giving men a contemporary yet low-key style that flatters various face shapes and hair textures.

Why the Fluffy Edgar cut is on trend.

Trend of Fluffy edgar haircut-edgarcutguide.com

This style taps into several of today’s most popular men’s hair trends:

  • Volume and height on top. The longer layers on top of the head create lift and fullness for a stylish look.
  •   Short sides and back. The close-cropped sides and back provide contrast to the longer top layers. This trend has been popular for several years and continues to dominate.
  •   Low maintenance. Although regular trims are needed, the Fluffy Edgar cut grows out nicely and can go longer between cuts. It requires minimal daily styling for an effortless, tousled style.
  •   Versatile. This cut is versatile enough to pair well with most face shapes and personal styles. It transitions nicely from casual to professional to a night out.

The Fluffy Edgar cut’s combination of stylishness and minimalism makes it an ideal choice for today’s modern man looking to keep up with trends while not spending hours in front of the mirror. When paired with a quality pomade or wax and a quick run-through with your fingers, this cut will have you looking your best with little effort.

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27 Trendy Fluffy Edgar Cut Ideas: Your Style Upgrade Awaits

The edgy yet fluffy Edgar cut is making waves this season. This stylish cut features longer, choppy layers on top with a tapered undercut. It’s the perfect balance of edgy and low-maintenance. Here are some trendy ways to rock the Fluffy Edgar cut:

Shaggy Layers

Shaggy Layers-edgarcutguide.com

Long, choppy layers on top provide loads of volume and texture. This style is ideal for those with wavy or curly hair. Ask your stylist to cut uneven, shaggy layers and style with a sea salt spray for extra oomph.

Side Part Pomp

Side Part Pomp-edgarcutguide.com

A deep side part and height at the roots give this cut a stylish pompadour effect. Blow dry while brushing hair up and over to one side. Use a strong hold product to keep the style in place all day.

Wavy Slicked Back

Wavy Slicked Back-edgarcutguide.com

For a stylish wet look, apply a gel or pomade and slick longer layers back and away from the face. This style works on straight, wavy, or curly hair. Push layers back and style into place for a bold style with height and drama.

Angled Fringe

Angled Fringe-edgarcutguide.com

An angled fringe, with longer and shorter pieces in front and back, softens this edgy cut. Style the angled edge swept to one side and back for an asymmetrical look. This versatile fringe can be worn straight down, swept side, or brushed back.

Loose Curls

Loose Curls-edgarcutguide.com

Embrace loose, carefree curls with this cut. Apply a curl-defining cream and scrunch longer layers with your hands. Let curls air dry or diffuse dry for extra volume and shape. This low-maintenance style is perfect for enhancing your natural texture.

Tousled Top

Tousled Top-edgarcutguide.com

For a stylishly unkempt look, muss up longer layers with your fingers. Use a matte styling product to add texture and definition. Tease roots for extra height and volume. This style is meant to look effortlessly messy and undone.

Choosing the Perfect Fluff: Tailoring the Edgar Cut to Your Style

When getting the stylish Edgar cut, you’ll want to choose how much volume and fluff you want. The amount of hair and how high you want the sides faded depends on your style and how dramatic you want the cut to be.

A Subtle Fluff

A Subtle Fluff-edgarcutguide.com

For a more subdued, professional take on the Edgar cut, ask your barber for a #2 or #3 guard on the sides and back, and have them blend the sides into the longer top. This leaves enough length on top to style up and back, with just a hint of fluff and volume. The fade will be gradual, giving an overall balanced shape.

Medium Fluff

Medium Fluff-edgarcutguide.com

A 1 or 0.5 guard will provide a more stylized look with medium height and fluff. The shorter sides enhance the height and shape of the top. Style the longer top up and back, fluffing it up with the product for added size and fullness. This creates a stylish pompadour-like shape with retro flair.

Maximum Fluff

Maximum Fluff-edgarcutguide.com

For the most dramatic Edgar cut, have your barber shave the sides and back with a razor. This provides maximum contrast between the shaved sides and the longer top. Work the longer top with the product, fluffing it straight up and back to create a bold faux-hawk shape with severe height and volume.

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Accessorizing the Cut

To further tailor the cut to your style, consider shaving in a part, sideburns, or design. A tricky part shaved into one side of the class will give it a retro ducktail shape. Shaving sideburns into points or other bodies provides another way to customize the look. Have your barber shave in a subtle design, like a lightning bolt, for extra flair.

The fluff and fade you choose for your Edgar cut depends on how much drama and style you want. A more subtle take will give you a stylish yet professional look, while maximum fluff turns heads with its bold shape. Accessorizing the cut with a shaved part, shaped sideburns, or subtle design provides even more customization. Whatever option you choose, the Edgar cut will give you a trendy style with flair.

How to Get Volume for a Fluffy Edgar

You’ll need to start with the right products and techniques to get maximum volume and lift for the Fluffy Edgar cut.


Use a volumizing shampoo and conditioner to plump up each strand without weighing it down. Look for ingredients like collagen, keratin, wheat protein, or panthenol. After shampooing, apply a mousse, gel, or spray to add volume and lift at the roots. For extra oomph, you can layer multiple products.

Blow Dry

The key to significant volume is in the blow dry. Start by towel blotting excess water from your hair. Then, flip your head upside down and blow dry using a concentrator nozzle while scrunching with your hands. This pumps up the roots and gives hair a wavy, tousled texture.

Once hair is nearly dry, flip back up and continue blow drying section by section using a round brush to create maximum lift at the crown. Pull hair up and away from the roots as you blow dry for the most height. Keep the blow dryer pointed at the bases on high heat as you brush through to lock in volume.


Avoid heavy styling creams for loose, touchable waves like the Fluffy Edgar. Stick to a light texturizing spray, mousse, or volumizing hairspray. Scrunch through damp or dry hair with your hands, twist or braid random sections, then blow or let air dry.

When hair is dry, tousle it with your fingers to loosen up the waves and spray it with hairspray for light hold and control. For extra oomph, tease the roots at the crown with a comb and finish with another spritz of hairspray.

You’ll be ready to ace the stylishly disheveled Fluffy Edgar cut with the proper prep, products, and technique. Significant, bouncy volume and effortlessly undone waves are within your reach.

Styling Tips for Your New Edgar Haircut

Once you get your stylish new Edgar haircut, you’ll want to style it perfectly. Here are some tips to get that fluffy, tousled look.

Blow dry with a diffuser.

After towel drying your hair, attach a diffuser to your blow dryer. A diffuser helps minimize frizz by dispersing the heat over a wider area. Gently scrunch sections of hair with your hands as you blow dry to give it lift and volume.

Use a texture spray.

A texturizing spray adds grittiness and fullness. Spritz it onto damp or dry hair and scrunch with your hands. Look for a spray that contains volumizing ingredients like sea salt, clay, or mica. These help create height and fullness in fine or thin hair.

Go easy on shampooing.

Shampooing too frequently can strip your hair and weigh it down. Shampooing 2-3 times a week is plenty for most hair types. On non-shampoo days, rinse with water or a lightweight conditioner. Your natural oils will add volume, and your Edgar cut will last longer between washes.

Get regular trims

Get a trim every 4 to 6 weeks to keep your Edgar cut stylish. Even if you’re trying to grow your hair longer, regular trims remove split ends and prevent unwanted mullet-like shapes as they grow. Your stylist can also check how your cut grows and refine the body and layers.

Add waves with a flat iron.

For extra flair, use a flat iron to create loose waves. Work in sections, clamping the iron over strands and bending them in an open “S” pattern. Release and move on to the next area—Spritz with hairspray to set the style. Wavy strands will pump up the volume of your Edgar cut.

Best Face Shapes for the Edgar Cut

The Edgar cut works well with most face shapes, but some styles may be particularly flattering based on your face shape.

Best Face Shapes for the Edgar Cut-edgarcutguide.com

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, a style with volume on top will create balance. An Edgar cut with longer, volumized side-swept bangs and height at the crown is ideal. The size and angles help offset the oval shape.

Round Face

Those with round faces should opt for an Edgar cut with height at the crown to lengthen the face. Styles with longer, side-swept bangs that create angles and layers around the sides and back also help offset roundness. Square layers and an uneven, choppy finish further reduce roundness.

Heart-Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a broad forehead and narrow jawline. An Edgar cut with volumized height at the crown, side-swept bangs, and width around the jawline helps create balance. Longer, choppy side layers that fall below the jawline make the jaw appear wider.

Square Face

For a square face, choose a style that softens strong angles. An Edgar cut with rounded layers, longer side-swept bangs, and minimal height at the crown helps soften a square face. Long, wispy side layers that fall to the jaw or longer also help reduce squareness.

In the end, you can go right with an Edgar cut. But by considering your face shape and choosing a style that balances or offsets it, you’ll achieve a cut that flatters you perfectly. Work with your stylist to determine the right height, angles, layers, and finish combination for your unique shape.

Finding an Edgar-Style Haircut for Your Hair Type

Finding an Edgar cut that suits your hair type will make all the difference in how it looks and styles. Whether your hair is fine, thick, wavy, or curly, there’s an Edgar style for you.

Finding an Edgar-Style Haircut for Your Hair Type-edgarcutguide.com

Fine or Thin Hair

Opt for a shorter Edgar cut if you have fine or thin hair. A shorter cut will add volume and fullness without looking scraggly. Ask your stylist for an Edgar cut with choppy layers around the crown and sides. Shorter layers on top will create lift, while the choppiness prevents a “helmet head” effect. A matte styling product will also help create texture and volume.

Thick or Coarse Hair

For thick or coarse hair, a longer Edgar cut is ideal. Longer layers and uneven fringe help remove bulk while embracing your hair’s natural volume and wave. A ragged, choppy fringe that’s longer on the sides helps prevent a heavy, blunt look. Longer layers on the sides and back also help thin out thick hair. Use a strong hold product to tame flyaways and style the layers.

Wavy or Curly Hair

If you have wavy or curly hair, an Edgar cut with longer layers will emphasize your texture. Ask your stylist to cut uneven, choppy layers while your hair is dry. This helps shape the layers of your natural wave pattern. Longer side-swept layers and a ragged fringe prevent your waves from looking triangular. Scrunch in a curl enhancer to bring out your texture and tame frizz. Diffuse drying or air drying wavy and curly Edgar cuts will help maximize volume and texture.

Finding a fluffy Edgar cut that is perfect for your hair type and works with natural texture and density. Ask your stylist for a cut customized to your hair’s specific needs, and you’ll achieve a stylish, fluffy Edgar style you’ll love.

Edgar-Inspired Haircuts for Women

The edgy yet feminine Edgar cut is a popular style right now, and for good reason. This choppy, textured cut with uneven, layered strands is flattering and low-maintenance. If you’re looking to change up your hairstyle, here are some on-trend Edgar-inspired cuts to consider:

Haircuts for Women-edgarcutguide.com

Shag Cut

The shag cut features uneven, choppy layers and a tousled, rocker-chic finish. Ask your stylist for feathery layers around the crown, sides, and back to create maximum volume and movement. This edgy, feminine cut works well for most face shapes and hair textures.

Textured Lob (Long Bob)

Ask your stylist for uneven, choppy layers throughout for a stylish long bob with an edgy flair. Have them razor-cut or point-cut the ends for extra texture. This cut hits at the collarbone, so it’s a great option if you want to go shorter but not too short. It looks incredibly chic when styled with messy texture and bend.

Choppy Pixie

If you’re bold, a choppy pixie cut is a stylish choice. Have your stylist cut the hair concisely on the sides and back, leaving longer, choppy layers on top. The uneven, spiky layers on top create height and a stylishly messy finish. This cut requires frequent trims to maintain its shape but is ideal for low-maintenance styling.

Shattered Bob

A shattered bob is ideal for short hair with a seriously edgy style. This cut features extremely choppy, uneven layers cut at sharp angles. The ragged, spiky layers create a stylishly disheveled shape that is anything but boring. This bold cut is best for straight to wavy hair and requires regular trims and texture treatments to keep its form. Styling with wax or pomade enhances its edgy, rocker vibe.

Beyond the Basics: Experimenting with Color and Accessories

Beyond the standard cut and color, there are many ways to customize the Fluffy Edgar cut and make it your own. Play around with these options to create a unique style.


Experiment with highlights or lowlights for subtle contrast and dimension. Adding lighter pieces around the face will brighten your look and accentuate your features. Try an ombre fade from dark to light for a bolder color, or add peek-a-boo color panels under layers of hair.


  • Hairpins, clips, and barrettes make it easy to change your style daily. Pin back pieces of hair for a half-updo, or pin longer bangs off to the side.
  •   Headbands, hair ties, and scrunchies pull hair back and keep it in place. Look for ones that match your hair color, or make a statement with a patterned option.
  •   Hair extensions add length and volume for special occasions. Clip-in or tape-in extensions are easy to apply and provide instant glamor without damaging your natural hair.
  •   Hats, beanies, and hair scarves cover up unwashed hair or protect hair from the elements in style. On-trend options include slouchy beanies, fedoras, hair scarves, and wraps.

Feel free to combine multiple accessories for an ultra-stylish look. For example, pin back one side with a barrette, wrap the other in a hair scarf, and top it off with a stylish fedora. With some creativity, the options for customizing a Fluffy Edgar cut are endless. Express your unique style through cuts, colors, and accessories to make the popular hairstyle your own.


You’ve seen some great ideas for fluffy and stylish Edgar cuts that can take your hairstyle game to the next level. Trying a new cut is exciting but also scary. What if you don’t like it or think it’s harder to style than you thought? The good news is hair grows back, and you can always make changes to perfect a cut for your needs. An Edgar cut in any of these styles is bold yet low-maintenance, so you have nothing to lose by experimenting with your look. Take a chance and try something new—you have so many options to choose from, so get inspired and book that appointment with your stylist. A fresh cut and style can do wonders for your confidence and mood. What are you waiting for? Get that Edgar cut you’ve wanted and strut out of the salon with a swagger, ready to turn heads with your new do. Life’s too short for dull hair, my friend!

Fluffy Edgar Haircut FAQs: Your Top Questions Answered

This Edgar haircut is a stylish cut that’s been trending recently, but you may still have questions about it. Here are the answers to your top FAQs about the fluffy Edgar haircut.

How do I describe the fluffy Edgar haircut to my barber?

Tell your barber you want a “fluffy crop with tapered sides and back, longer on top.” The Edgar is a medium-short cut with volume on top, trimmed sides and back, and a slight fringe swept to the side. Show photos of the amount you want for the most accurate result.

Will the Edgar haircut work with my hair type?

The Edgar haircut works well for most hair types, including straight, wavy, and curly. The key is having enough length on top (3 to 5 inches) to achieve height and volume. Ask your barber how to style and tame flyaways for curly or unruly hair. Thinning or texturizing the sides and back can also help make this cut more flattering for specific hair types.

How do I style the fluffy Edgar haircut?

To style a fluffy Edgar haircut:

  1. Apply a volumizing product to damp hair and blow dry while scrunching with your hands to add height.
  2.   Use a medium or high heat setting and point the blow dryer at the roots to boost volume. Scrunch with your hands as you go.
  3.   Finish with a matte pomade, wax, or clay, and rake through the top layers with your fingers for a casually messy look.
  4.   You can skip the blow dryer and let your hair air dry for an effortless, just-rolled-out-of-bed style. Either way, this Edgar cut is meant to look casually stylish and still needs to be done.
  5.   Get regular trims every 4 to 6 weeks to maintain the shape and style.

How long will it take my hair to grow out the Edgar haircut?

The Edgar haircut has a medium length on top, so it will take 3 to 5 months of growth before you can significantly change the style. The sides and back will need to be trimmed during this process. To grow out the Edgar into a longer style, ask your barber to do gradual trims while blending the sides and back. Be patient through any awkward stages—it will be worth it!

Is the fluffy Edgar cut suitable for all hair textures?

Absolutely! Whether your hair is straight, wavy, or curly, the fluffy Edgar cut can work its magic. Remember that styling techniques might vary based on your natural texture.

How often should I get a trim for a fluffy Edgar cut?

Plan on getting a trim every 4 to 6 weeks to keep that fluffy shape intact. Regular edges ensure the sides stay sharp and prevent any accidental shagginess.

Can women try the fluffy Edgar cut, or is it mainly for men?

Ladies, this style isn’t exclusive! The fluffy Edgar cut is adaptable for both men and women. Think of it as a canvas; women can explore variations like a shag cut or textured lob inspired by the fluffy Edgar.

What products are best for styling a fluffy Edgar cut?

Use volumizing products like mousses or texturizing sprays for that effortlessly messy look. And when it comes to the finishing touch, opt for matte pomades, waxes, or clays.

How do I choose the correct length for the fluffy Edgar cut?

The length is a personal choice, but a familiar sweet spot is around 3 to 5 inches on top. Chat with your barber, consider your face shape, and let your preferences guide the way.

Can I still style my hair if it’s not naturally wavy?

Absolutely! You can still achieve the desired look even if your hair isn’t naturally wavy. A diffuser during blow-drying and texturizing products is your ally in creating that tousled texture.

Is the fluffy Edgar cut high-maintenance?

Good news—it’s not! While regular trims are a must to keep the shape, the fluffy Edgar cut is generally considered low-maintenance. Its casually messy style allows for flexibility in your day-to-day styling routine.

Will the fluffy Edgar cut suit my face shape?

Absolutely! This cut is like a chameleon—it suits various face shapes. Your barber can customize it to enhance your features, making you look and feel your best.

Can I experiment with different colors with the fluffy Edgar cut?

Of course! Play around with different colors to enhance your fluffy Edgar cut. Highlights, lowlights, or even ombre effects can add that extra dimension and make the style uniquely yours.

How do I maintain the volume for a fluffy Edgar cut on non-wash days?

Easy! On non-wash days, reach for a dry shampoo or texturizing spray. They’ll revive your look, absorb excess oil, and keep that volume strong without a complete wash.

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